Cruise Sessions

Our full speaker list is post below. We are super excited to have these international speakers and we hope you are as excited about this event as we are!

Here is a sneak peek at some of our topics:

  • *ONLINE PORTION* Dr. Tamara Gull – Zoonotic Diseases
  • Dr. Tamara Gull UTIs: Chiropractic Intervention?
  • Dr. Shanie Cahill – Canine and Equine Advanced Adjusting, Part 2
  • Dr. Shanie Cahill – Animal Handling
  • Sherry Seals – Saddle Fit: Common Symptoms of Poor Fit
  • Dr. Joanna Robson – eCPR: Experiential Anti-crisis/suicide Approach for Professionals & Personal Lives
  • Dr. Joanna Robson – Pony Yoga: Its All About the Core!
  • Dr. Joanna Robson – Don’t Blame the Horse! Body and behavior patterns presented in practice consistent with training, equipment, and rider problems.
  • Dr. Peggy Flemming – Anthroposophy: Healing from the Soul and Spirit