CE Speakers & Topics

Dr. Petra Sullwold:

  • Animal Chiropractic History and Philosophy

This presentation will be covering events and stories in the history of animal chiropractic from 1895 to present, and tying it into BJ Palmer’s philosophical teachings.

Dr. Kevin Haussler:

  • Equine Chiropractic Research & Application of Manual Therapy in Vet Medicine

This presentation will review the foundational equine chiropractic research related to objective measures of spinal pain and dysfunction, and the scientific evidence for the safe and effective use of manual therapy techniques in dogs and horses.

Dr. David Hannah:

  • Biomechanics of Palpation and Adjusting

This presentation will review basic joint biomechanics and function, types and application of palpation skills and include individual hands-on experience to appreciate the nuances of spinal palpatory skills.

Dr. Clay Sullwold:

  • Advanced Upper Cervical Mechanics in the Equine
  • (LAB) Advanced Upper Cervical Mechanics in the Equine

This presentation and lab will review and compare the equine upper cervical anatomy and mechanics to the knowledge base of human upper cervical specific Chiropractic knowledge, and relating it to palpation and adjusting the equine patient.

Dr. Jay Komarek:

  • Philosophy, Neurology, “Tone,” and Tensigrity in Animal Chiropractic
  • (LAB) Philosophy, Neurology, “Tone,” and Tensigrity in Animal Chiropractic

This presentation and lab will discuss principled Chiropractic care and the study of tone and tensigrity in relationship to neurology and “clearing” the nervous system and structure to allow for healing.

Dr. Erin O’Connor:

  • (Online) What’s the “Beef” on Patient Outcomes & Nutrition

This presentation  discusses carnivore nutrition, affects of diet, and raw diets.

  • (Online) Take a Walk on the Wild Side

This presentation discusses what it is like working with wildlife.

Dr. James Micahel DeSimone

  • (Online) Zoonosis

This presentation discusses Zoonotic diseases and their implications regarding small and large animals, including incidence rates and updates of Colorado and surrounding regions for 2023.