CE Speakers & Topics

Dr. Karen Hannah, DC,CAVCA, CME, FIACA:

  • Can’t We All Get Along? – How DCs and DVMs can better understand each other and maintain professional respect for each other

Dr. Erin O’Connor, DC, CAVCA:

  • The Top 10 things I’ve Learned in the First 10 Years – Ideas and experiences that include common questions

Dr. Becky Funk, DVM, AVCA:

  • Modalities for Assessing Back Pain
  • Treatment Options to Compliment Chiropractic
  • Rehabilitation Techniques to Improve Outcomes
  • Practicing Rehabilitation Techniques

Dr. Peggy Flemming, DVM, AP, OMD, IVAS:

  • Five Element Diagnosis – using 5 element to deepen diagnostic skills

Sherry Seals, CSF, CESMT:

  • Saddle Fit

Dr. James DeSimone, DVM:

  • Zoonosis