2024 CE Speakers & Topics

The Academy for the Advancement of Animal Chiropractic,
2024 CEU Seminar
Dreams, Las Mareas, Costa Rica

All 20 CE hours have been APPROVED by the AVCA and IVCA.

Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD
1. Recognizing Red Flags: When to stop, listen, and reconsider. This presentation will provide an overview of issues related to absolute and relative contraindications for providing chiropractic care in animals. 1 Hour
2. Pain Behaviors: What is my patient trying to tell me? This presentation will provide an overview of pain behaviors as it relates to providing chiropractic care in animals. 1 Hour

Heather Jorge, BA, M.Ed.
1. The Six Personal Perspectives. An individual’s mindset holds the key to what he/she can accomplish. Years ago, Gary Keller discovered that high achievers have a similar mindset when it comes to success–the key points encompassed in The Six Personal Perspectives. You too can be a high achiever and reach the highest level of success in business and in life by learning about, adopting and mastering these foundational perspectives. 2 Hours


Bharon Hoag
1. Animal Chiropractic Legislation & Advocacy: The Current State of Things & Where We Are Going! In this lecture we will be discussing the current state of animal chiropractic legislation around the United States and the efforts that are being taken to expand and standardize the right to treat animals. We will discuss what certified practitioners should know and how they should operate in their state, and how we can organize to cause positive change for all involved. 2 Hours


Marilyn Maler, DVM, Dipl ACVSMR
1. Autonomic Nervous System Implications on MSK via the Gamma Loop. In this presentation we will discuss how the autonomic nervous system causes musculoskeletal restrictions via the gamma loop and the mapping of the restrictions on the spine and the organs in horses. 2 Hours


Michele Broadhurst, DC, ICCSP, IVCA, FIAMA, CCRP
1. Canine and Equine Fascia. This presentation will cover the implications of fascia in both dogs and horses, and how you can work with the fascia in your practice to improve outcomes. 2 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Hands-On Lab

Travis Collinsworth, BS, AED
1. Equine Dentistry: A Deep Dive into the Equine Mouth and a Thorough Look at Equine Dentistry. This presentation is presented by a highly trained and experienced equine dentist with over 20 years experience in equine dentistry, both in performing it as well as teaching it. It will cover anatomy, function, techniques involved in a thorough equine dental evaluation, and provide the attendees with real life ways of better understanding when a horse needs to see their dental professional. 2 Hours Lecture, 1 Hour Hands-On Lab

Christine Zapata, BS, DC
1. Marketing and Selling: Building a Solid Business Foundation. In this talk, International Speaker, Author, Chiropractor, and Business Coach, Dr. Zapata will discuss ways to understand how to get in contact with your ideal clients, and understand why people buy from YOU. 1 Hour

2. Creating Your Personal Brand Identity and Sharing it With the World. Dr. Zapata will build on the first hour by taking you further into developing your business by helping you deepen your understanding of yourself and how to use that knowledge to share your message to the world. 1 Hour

James Michael DeSimone, BS, DVM

1. Zoonosis. In this on-demand lecture, Dr. DeSimone will discuss pertinent aspects of understanding zoonotic diseases, how they are transmitted, and how to limit or avoid their spread. This course fulfills the continuing education requirements for the State of Colorado’s direct access regulations for Doctors of Chiropractic who are credentialed for direct access for Animal Chiropractic. 2 Hours

Shanie Cahill, DC

1. Canine Advanced Adjusting – Case Correlations. In this on-demand lecture, Dr. DCahill will discuss advanced ways of handling the canine patient and updated adjusting techniques. 2 Hours