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Our 2024 seminar will be held in Costa Rica and is designed for Chiropractors and Veterinarians certified in Animal Chiropractic, and includes 20 hours of classroom/wet lab CEs, all of which have been approved by AVCA and IVCA. All presenters have been in their respective fields for more than 5 years, and are recognized experts in their topics of presentation. On Demand videos of our events are available!

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Our non-profit corporation is constantly growing and we could not do this without your support. Donations can be made at any time, in any amount. If you would like to sponsor a particular part of our event (i.e. food vouchers, swag, transportation, giveaways, cocktail hour etc), please use our contact us page and we will set that up for you.

Thank you again for your support.

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Our events provide Animal Chiropractic continuing education opportunities with a destination. Learning is more enjoyable when you have a better view.


Our non-profit corporation is constantly growing and we could not do this without your support. Donations can be made at any time, in any amount.

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Certified Animal Chiropractors providing approved continuing education opportunities with a destination and a better view than 4 classroom walls.

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We encourage you to contact us via phone, text message, or email with any questions or comments you may have about us or our events.

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We are a non-profit corporation providing quality continuing education opportunities at tropical destinations to Chiropractors and Veterinarians who are certified in Animal Chiropractic. Our events are the perfect venues to advance and promote the knowledge of Animal Chiropractic to fellow practitioners with a common focus.

Find a Certified Animal Chiropractor

Looking for a Certified Animal Chiropractor in your area?  Click below to find a comprehensive map with Certified Animal Chiropractors that are registered with our organization. Not listed on our map, but want to be? Send us your information and we will gladly add you to our network! 

Upcoming Events

OPEN - elearning portal

Online eLearning portal – Past CE events available online with 60+ CEUs

June 10 - 15, 2024 - 20 HR CE all inclusive

20 CEs at Dreams Las Mareas All Inclusive Resort in Costa Rica (all CEs have been approved by both AVCA and IVCA)

July 10, 2024 - Board member Meeting

Board Member Meeting – Begin planning for 2025 event, online CE lecture video updates and additions


Animal Chiropractic Notes

How do you adjust a horse? you’re so small!

Whenever my human patients discover that I adjust animals, particularly horses, they want to know how in the world do I adjust something so big when I am so small? I obviously jump on a trampoline and do a flying elbow drop off the top ropes. Seriously though, I never thought in a million years that I would be consciously using Physics daily. Think of it, you need a specific angle for your line of drive, the speed has to be fast enough to generate the right amount of force to move the bone, and you have to stand the right distance away from the object you’re adjusting. Anyone have their Physics cheat sheets handy?!

I’ve never seen this before, but theoretically this will work.

Imagine it’s the Monday before a long weekend and your colleague calls to ask for your help with a life or death situation. You quietly pause and remind her that you are a Chiropractor and you don’t deal with these situations. She begins to tell you the story of a surrendered 12 week old kitten that was found half paralyzed in a barn that morning. Since she was the new owner and treating Veterinarian, it was her decision when to euthanize this kitten. She said you have until Friday to make this kitten walk again, otherwise she would be euthanized. No pressure; but I don’t even like cats.